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��Mika Sushi - your original catering option!


Mika sushi -------- is made up of various components which are put together with the freshest fish and vegetables.


��Here's one of the service we provided for a Hotel.

Mika sushi catering service.


��We bring everything to you:
 and all necessary supplies & equipment.
��Space we need:
��  Smallest: 2 ft X 4 ft table.
��  Largest: 4 ft x 8 ft    
��  we prefer you provide your own table
Electrical  Requirements
120V outlet
Location Requirements
Preferably indoor and first floor...with convenient water supply. 2nd floor or higher OK with elevator access.
Base Charge includes:   Sushi Island and 2 sushi Chefs for 2 hours ($50 extra for an additional hour)
Sushi Charge (minimum sushi value ordered)
Minimum total charge: 
 ----- $400
20 guests for $400 (Base $200 + Sushi $200 = $400)
($20 per person)
50 guests for $400 (Base $200 + Sushi $200 = $400)
($8 per person)
50 guests for $650 (Base $200 + Sushi $450 = $650)
($13 per person)
A.  Call or Email:
We'll need at least 2 weeks advanced notice to prepare the Mika Sushi service. Call 503-222-0699 or send an e-mail to mikasushi168@yahoo.com to schedule your event or to just request additional information.
B. Agree on:
1. Number of guests
2. Location
3. Total Price
4. Menu
5. Start Time
6. Duration
C. Prepare your location for Sushi Island:
1. 2nd floor (or above) locations need elevator access
2. Electrical outlet (120V) close by
3. Convenient water supply
4. Adequate Space/accessibility to Sushi Island
��On the day of the event
・Set up: takes 60 minutes - prior to event start
・Duration: Sushi Island serves your event for a maximum of 2 hours
・Take-down: takes 30 minutes


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